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Who we are

It is evidently clear for Team Skapere Advisory (TSA) that, in this ever-expanding world, no one can be good at everything, regardless of what skills you bring to the table. Even when looking at what your core is worth, or at how many talents and skills you can use interchangeably, one can easily become overwhelmed by the complexity of the global world that sits before us.

With that being said, clear vision is needed to succeed in this world, and that is what Team Skapere Advisory (TSA) skills provide. Team Skapere Advisory (TSA) services assist our clients in reaching out to their targeted audience and new markets, in a way that is both eye opening and insightful to our clients.

The foundations of leading good business today, are found in creating and nurturing relationships as well as reciprocating them.

Team Skapere Advisory(TSA) is a team of multi-nationals with a wide range of experiences engineered and put together to deliver value to our clients. Out team’s experience ranges around financial services, operational, manufacturing, training, marketing and advertising, information technology, cybersecurity, social engagement and much more.


What we provide

1- Innovation Excellence:

Providing Keys To Doors Unlocked

Maryville, S (1992), "Entrepreneurship in the Business Curriculum", Journal of Education for Business. Vol. 68 defines innovation as the application of better solutions that meets new requirements, unarticulated needs or even existing market needs. Team Skapere Advisory (TSA) standardizes the concept of innovation by launching series of innovation methods on a three-layer application, separate or combined, on product, business process and/or organizational level to answer unasked questions.

Team Skapere Advisory (TSA) does this innovatively smooth by helping two teams act as single organism. We are in business of providing art-like solutions to problems in unprecedented manner to reflect exceptional execution and to achieve higher engagement from your end-user with your product or service. Whether you are a manufacturer, a trader or a service provider, the word “innovation” is what differentiates you from other competitors in your industry. Moreover, it is what gives you the edge when applied in excellence at the time your prospects evaluate and compare you to others in their buyer’s journey.

Although the process of applying such function cannot be more joyful, nonetheless, it can be full of distortions and densities. The process of identifying the area of needs to imagining the plan and giving it a dense form in a pipeline of different strategic alternatives is one stage of what we do. The other stages run in alignment utilizing exceptional skills of time management and project management to prioritize areas on innovation to cement a foundation for High-ROI-Driven environment.

Transparency is core value and we are highly committed to it as we are KPI oriented. Accordingly, our Key Performance Indicators are excerpts of the following drivers:

  • Transparency & Openness for Innovation.
  • Intertwined Industry Network.
  • Service Level Agreement.
  • Adaption Swiftness & Agility.
  • Mid/Long-Term Positioning.

2- Strategic Planning:

Originality That Wins Tomorrow

Team Skapere Advisory (TSA)engages with clients in unity with one mission only; adding value. In today’s market, being able to comprehensively consider all alternatives and cohesively evaluate all options will undoubtedly gain you a competitive edge undeniably. Team Skapere Advisory (TSA) focuses on binging what wins today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Team Skapere Advisory (TSA) approaches our client with a mindset sharp enough to maintain the equilibrium of Investment, ROI, Risk and innovative alternatives. We fully understand that strategic planning is a practice of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue a strategy rather than another. Team Skapere Advisory (TSA) understands the milestones associated with such practice therefore we always approach our clients with the mindset to provide our advisory making sure that current operational flow is smooth.

Transparency is core value and we are highly committed to it as we are KPI oriented. Accordingly, our Key Performance Indicators are excerpts of the following drivers:

Gathering Facts:

Inputs from

  • Stakeholders.
  • Customer Analysis.
  • P2P Analysis.
  • Industry Knowledge.

Environmental Scan (SWOT):

  • Internal & External Analysis.
  • Interview.
  • Issues.
  • Strengths.
  • Opportunities.

Revision all inputs and aligning with strategic statements and goals.


How to:

  • Strategically address stakeholders.
  • Strategically address SWOT outputs.
  • Strategically address strengths and opportunities.
  • Handling weaknesses and threats internal and external.

Drafting Strategies:

  • Main Objectives.
  • Key Stratigies.
  • Long/Short term objectives.
  • Operational Plan.

Application, Revision , Feedback , Reporting

Skapere’s area of engagement falls within the following applications:

- Growth Strategy

Technology today revolutionized every aspect of strategic planning for growth as it became the core concern for ambitious executives. Main challenge in growth strategy is sustainability and it emerges from the following:

  • Objective might be overly ideal or unrealistic.
  • Capacities of deployment constraints.
  • Ununified missions and unaligned vision across the entity.
  • Lack of communication that supports growth.
  • Distance from market conditions

Team Skapere Advisory (TSA) role in Growth is answer questions in practical manner ready for application on short notice. The type of issues we address are for instance but not limited to

  • Finding access to resources in current status quo to support growth.
  • The correct and the optimal access points to new activities effectively and efficiently.
  • Driving innovative solutions.
  • Commercializing innovative solutions to sustain growth.
  • Triggering loyalty programs by making it clear to stakeholders and clients about the “WHY” to better engage and communicate.
- Operational & Cost Strategies

It is evidently clear for any business entrepreneur that challenges on operational level are never ending to support the success story they currently have. From regulations, to clients and shareholders expectations, businesses are forced to proactively review and evaluate the current operational & cost strategies.

Businesses exist to magnify shareholders’ value. Accordingly, the two main questions are: 1) Is your organization equipped to deliver shareholder maximization? And 2) Does your organization possess the tools, skills and the assets to deliver such strategies?

A business front-leader must always reconsider operational models when markets face major events whether internal or external. It is highly advised to re-evaluate when for example but not limited to:

  • Incapacitation of performance or solvency due to market dynamics.
  • Incapacitation of operating architectural plan.
  • Technological upgrades & downgrades.
  • Regulatory restraints.
- Deals & Opportunity Strategies

Realistically helping in driving ROI percentiles above expectations of the industry general practices to increasingly support growth rates of an organization by utilizing capital innovatively. Team Skapere Advisory (TSA) mission to add value by putting under the spot light the opportunities hidden in restructuring and optimization of an organization’s infrastructure, operations and cost to invoke organic growth and accelerate it innovatively.

Today, any VC can easily find a startup to acquire for example. Moreover, any company might choose to trigger a negotiation for merger. However, foreseen added value remains subtle and illusive in 87.6% of all mergers. The Skapere Strategic Planning Team help their clients answer for example but limited to:

  • Opportunity of new growth panel within the subject matter.
  • Opportunity to sustain current growth strategy from the subject matter.
  • Substructure, Operations, Opportunities well comprehended.
  • Evaluation of how substantial will the costs associated be.

3- Organizational Development:

Embracing Opportunities

To remain competitive in today’s world of business, it is crucial for businesses to embrace change as a static factor of business environment affecting managements and individuals within on a multi-level aspect. To embrace change positively, it is vital to communicate change in a manner far beyond successfully. Businesses need to address change with hands-on state of mind.

Our team of experts can help you with several aspects when it comes to organizational developed such as but not limited to:

  • Laying out effectively an organizational structure.
  • Effectively remaining focused performance.
  • Laying out the roadmap for SLAs within managements.
  • Process mapping.
  • Governance.
  • Policies & procedures.
  • Governance & Accountability Mappings.
  • Adaptation plans.

4- Business Digitization:

The AB Of Trend Surfing

It is vital to understand that there are endless numbers of trends affecting businesses and business models around the world such as the futuristic infrastructure services and the future of energy. Of these endless trends that are affecting business model structuring is connectivity and social trends. Team Skapere Advisory (TSA), through its observations noticed the absence of the underlying factor behind digitization and the starting point.

Business Digitization undeniably helps in expansion, enhances reach, supports growth. In other words, it is a multi-channel solution with multi-directional benefits if employed innovatively by reaching externally and communicating internally under one unified vision.

Team Skapere Advisory (TSA) helps businesses seeking to digitize their services to attend to areas of obscurity with limited resources such as:

  • The aim of the digitization plan is for a new service, customer experience, omni-channel or something else such as operational processes.
  • The digitization plan is directed to business processes, supply chain & logistics, governance & accountability, inventory management or is it intended for the work place.
  • The purpose of the digitization is aimed for communication, training or substructures.

Whether an organization is aiming to digitize its business for a new business model, a new operational process or for the workplace, Team skapere Advisory (TSA) will contribute digitize your business as we comprehend that:

  • Over than 50% of new startups are launched on mobile platforms and therefore connectivity is a key factor.
  • Over 70% of top 500 fortune companies are targeting to produce their products as services.
  • The face of manufacturing in the future is 3D printing which contributes to saving of over 50% on energy and up to 70% savings due on prototyping costs.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are making production faster by over 28%.
  • Big data analytics if used correctly can contribute to increase revenue by up to 60%.
  • The business world is moving to virtual offices which results in 55%- 80% increase in space efficiency utilization.

A business world with a fast-paced change factors, ironically enough to become the only static factor about business requires business entrepreneurs to have strong vision and boosted opportunities. Team Skapere Advisory (TSA) will help you grow new capabilities through:

  • Develop an improved business ecosystem by deploying accelerated innovation.
  • Utilize technology convergence through developing the right skill & culture from within an organization.

5- Risk Advisory:

Embedding Insight To Reinforce Existence

Risk Consultancy is defined as the process of forecasting and evaluation of risks associated with different alternatives with the identification of procedure to alleviate their impact. Team Skapere Advisory (TSA) takes this definition one step further by spotting the light on how a situation can always be turned around to the benefit of the consulting party.

Adding value within the scope of our engagement is a core KPI Team Skapere Advisory (TSA) adopts. In Risk, we emphasize on how the risk management responsibilities are distributed amongst everyone within an organization starting from a chairman all the way down to the end of the chain.

In the past few years the world has faced several incidents from the economic crisis in 2007 moving to extremists’ incidents to revaluations of currencies to the legislations of new more strict business laws. All of that and more requires more discipline, accountability, enhanced governance, cutting edge strategies and more to better engage the markets and the parties associated with any organization. Unfortunately, failure to meet such standards, will jeopardize any business’s going concern.

Any entity is responsible to continuously evaluate how efficient is their governance and how active is their risk and compliance processes and plans. Team Skapere Advisory (TSA)steps in to help clarify inquiries regarding an entity’s readiness to meet the expectations of stakeholders, shareholders, governing bodies, boards and more by utilizing its expertise to financial risks, fraudulent acts, threats, expectation from and to third parties, probabilities and contingencies against litigation and much more.

Team Skapere Advisory (TSA) helps organizations to reinforce their existence and support growth as our professionals help businesses through their expertise to develop business healthy programs to tackle risks that can threaten their augmentation.

Our advisory and consultancy services are intertwined. However, under Risk Advisory we provide two main services:

1- Crisis Management

The concern of readiness to face any disruption to operations is a must for any individual within an organization. Critical events are evaluated per entity regardless of any other entity’s crisis plan within the same geographical area.

Team Skapere Advisory (TSA) helps companies answer for example but not limited to the following questions and provides an action plan to alleviate the impacts.

  • How probable is a crisis to occur?
  • Are we prepared for such an event?
  • What are “inside the box” available solutions?
  • What are the innovative solutions that we have?
  • Is the plan realistic and can be applied?
  • What is the time frame for applications?
  • What are the available resources if such an event occurs?
  • Do we have the right consultancy team in such case?

The main purpose to have a crisis contingency plan to avoid interruption of business operations which can be and will be very costly for a business lifecycle.

2- Cyber Security Services

We provide you with the third eye to detect susceptibilities and vulnerabilities in your environment that is putting your business at risk. We review, evaluate and put to the test your overall guidelines, processes, bylaws, and procedures to bring to the table a comprehensive cutting-edge solution.

Our scope of engagement exceeds your expectation of 24/7/365 by deploying our systems and organizational controls on the ground, cloud and hybrid application. Our expertise on the ground and exposure to various business lines enabled us to perform highly under crisis management and pay attention to the smallest details for complex threats. We do not react rather than we act.

Our services:

  • Penetration Testing(Internal/External).
  • Mobile Application Penetration Testing.
  • Web Application Penetration Testing.
  • Vulnerability Scanning.
  • Network Security Assessments.
  • Wireless Security.
  • Physical Security Assessment.
  • Social Engineering.
  • Information Security Training.

6- Digital Media Advisory:

Concealed, Highly Effective

Every website is created with a purpose that it aspires to fulfill. However, most online sites fail to proceed due to the lack of online strategy, best practices that serves the purpose, user experience and many more factors.

Team Skapere Advisory (TSA) helps many online businesses to grow on faster pace by bringing butting edge solutions that are concealed, however, highly effective. Our scope of engagement in this sector focuses mainly on:

  • Digital challenges affecting your business growth.
  • Best practices to overcome challenges.
  • Best practices for monetization compliant with IAB Standards.
  • Drafting best online strategies.
  • Understanding factors of success and what gains competitive edge.
  • Technology & Security Proofing.


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